Sue Woodd has been working in the field of Complementary Medicine for the past 25 years, founding her own school in 1991. In 1995 she set up a Safari camp in India to give people a real flavor of India, inspired by how the local people used exercise, food, herbs, massage, meditation and lifestyle to enhance their health, relationships and lives.

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She was a registered Trainer with the Shiatsu Society for 20 years, is a Senior Instructor with the T’ai Chi Union of Great Britain and she teaches for the F3 T’ai Chi and Chi Kung Academy (London). She is co- principle and co-founder of the Seasonal Yoga Teacher training School. Sue is a graduate of the College of Cranial Sacral Therapy and an Experienced Teacher affiliated with Yoga Alliance (EYT).

As an International Master Trainer she trains fitness instructors and lectures for leading Health Farms, designing courses for Children and Fitness Companies world wide including the YMCA, Fitness International Geneva and Movement Arts Sweden. Sue continues to raise public awareness through her books, DVD’s and radio and television appearances.

Her new exciting venture, with co-directors, is Yo-Chi Unlimited and Club- Morgan an inspirational and educational holistic seasonal program from nursery to nursing home to help take the load of the NHS.