Message of Encouragement

Hej alla härliga vänner och yogavänner! Jag fick precis ett inspirerande mejl från min yogalärare, som jag vill dela med mig av till er alla. Detta är ett slags andligt medlande inför det nya året och framtiden. Tack! Jag blir så himla peppad och motiverad och sugen på att jobba, hoppas ni känner likadant:

“2015 was a time of liberation and dissolution. Old boundaries, geographic, political and personal all dissolved. Lots of old structures disappeared, and a lot of people experienced big changes. This was a period of tilling the soil, stirring the dirt to plant new seeds.

2016 and into 2017 is a time of growth and new beginnings. Seeds that had laid dormant under the dirt of the past are now free to sprout and grow. This will be a year when many people begin to realize and express who they are at their core. Spiritually this is a year of freedom. The expression of our divine nature will no longer be confined to a specific practice or rituals, rather we will begin to integrate and share our spiritual and worldly natures naturally, effortlessly, without rules, guilt or boundaries. This year people will become who they know themselves to be deep down. This year will be whatever you work to make it, as the energy for growth, success and happiness will be very strong.” – Henry Ahlefelder


Ses snart i salen önskar Jona